The truth about laser hair removal in Singapore!

Updated: Jun 12

Hairy days no more!!!! Say goodbye to endless prickly stubble!




The truth about laser hair removal in Singapore!

Right now you’re wondering what your best option for hair removal in Singapore - with options like waxing, sugaring, and threading (OUCH!) becoming so popular. So many options to choose from, well, we at cAL are here to drop a few truth BOMBS!

There is no doubt laser hair removal in Singapore has incredibly transformed many peoples lives. Just think of all the products you will no longer need for soft smooth silky legs!

Fact about permanent hair removal #1:

The truth is with permanent hair removal it’s not “life long”guaranteed. Genetic factors, hair colour, thickness, tape, and the types of hair removal must be taken into consideration. Although, our signature freezing point hair removal is one of the most effective ways to reduce 70 to 80% of the hair count by damaging the follicle.

Fact about permanent hair removal #2:

It’s really not that expensive! Think about how much money you spent on razors, shaving cream‘s, different lotions, perhaps regularly waxing… Hair removal treatments are actually so much more cost effective in the long run!

Fact about permanent hair removal #3:

Hey BOYS, we are talking to you, because permanent hair removal is definitely not just for the ladies! Permanent hair removal is great for the face bikini area and under arms, but it’s also completely life-changing for men struggling with extremely hairy backs and shoulders!

Let’s address a few questions you may have about PHR;

What happens during permanent hair removal?

A specific wavelength of light and pulse duration will match to obtain the desired effect on a specific target without damaging the surrounding skin tissues. During a hair removal appointment, the light will target pigments in the hair to travel through to the hair follicle where it will turn into thermal energy.

The goal of the procedure is to damage the hair follicle beyond repair so that it cannot regenerate nor create any new hair. When the hair follicle stops regenerating, hair growth stops. Furthermore, the combined effects of all the hair follicles going through the same process will help achieve long-term hair growth reduction. The beam of light will target pigments present in the hair but may detect melanin elsewhere, like on the skin for example. Thus, laser hair removal works better on dark hair and light skin.

Is freezing hair removal for everybody?

The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone with dark hair and light skin. Indeed, only this combination produces a pigment contrast sharp enough for the machine to send energy to the hair only. However, the latest technology improvements brought machines that can work on all skin types and complexions, as well as all hair colours.

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