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If you’re struggling to lose fat through diet and exercise, CAL CoolShape can help. CAL CoolShape targets stubborn areas and helps you get rid of stubborn fat. It is a non-surgical procedure using a cooling technology to freeze fat cells. This causes the body to eliminate the fat cells naturally in the weeks following this treatment.

The fat cells get naturally processed and eliminated. The fat won’t migrate to other areas of your body as would happen with various other products and procedures. There are no changes to fat cells in the untreated areas so you shape yourself however you wish.

Do you know fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than their surrounding tissues? The CoolShaping procedure targets fat cells underneath your skin, and cools them to temperatures triggering their natural death. We know this process as Cryolipolysis. The process crystallises the fat cells thereby causing their death.

Over time, the treated fat cells shrink and die. Your body then metabolises naturally and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a sculpted body. Unlike diet and exercise, CoolShaping, makes the fat cells go away and once gone, they’re gone for good.


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